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Look, if there’s one thing of which I’m positive, it’s that I have a body. (Or do I? Are we just phantoms floating around? Are we even real?! I guess I’ll save the existential crisis for later.) But sure as the Pope is Catholic, that hardly means it’s something that makes me feel positive all the time. It’s a struggle for most women I know, and with so many perfectly manicured, heavily filtered, and probably-Facetuned Instagram shots, it’s more difficult than ever not to dive headfirst into a bottomless pool of self-criticism, comparison, and unproductive doom.

But call me Wendy Peffercorn, because I’ve come to rescue you from drowning in that underwater abyss. If there’s one thing that has helped me, it’s routinely cleaning house in my Instagram feed and weeding out anyone who might make me feel shitty about myself, and filling it with people who, well, don’t. 👋 Ahead, 12 ‘grammers that keep it real, because while we all know that nobody is actually as delightful as their online persona might suggest, it’s nice to be reminded of it from time to time.

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